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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Lovely Dancer (Member of Extracurricular year 2010-2011)

Well, we love dancing :)
We love it so much ♥
We love to moving beautifully
Here we are, together, to show everyone, that to dance is to be your self. To be out of your emotion. To share, and entertain all people that looking at you. I and them will be moving till end of our show time.
We are dancer, we like to dance, to entertain.
♥♥♥ dancing ♥♥♥

demi apapun guenya cacaaaaaaaat....
(L to R ; I-Resti-Ghasa-Arin)

10 special dancer ever ♥ 
First, there is  Arini Sukmaning Ayu SUGIANTO
As same as her name, Arin is Mr.Sugianto's daughter :p
do not be angry arin :p we usually use our adorable father yea? haha
arin likes to call me "anaknya pa Hasril" and i also call her with this one name "anaknya pa Sugi" hahaha
Restiana Karimawati
Resti is R!DC member, just like me :) I think "aku penari dari jawa" has been written rightly on her head :p her face actually so pretty and sooooo javanesse :p
Elma Syifa Zachrani
Elma is beautiful for sure :) I love her clothes :p wakwakwak
eh iyaa, first time i saw her i think she is arogant enough ~;~ but actuallyyyyy
she is crazy and freak as same as the other lovely dancer that always making me happy and enjoying to dance with all of them :3 :3
Melinda Fortuna
Melinda usually called Linda, is the sweetest dancer between us :p she is so polite and beautyyy :):) im proud of being her friend :)
Annisa Dwi Avisha
Aniiiiiiiis ! she is so calm and cute dancer :):D i love the way she doin' ronggeng :p
anis is cute and funny as usually as she smiling and laughing :D love you niiiiss <3
Ely Rahmawati
First thing that you think just when seeing her doin' dance is "wow what a beautiful motion!!!!"
her face that also supports the attractive appearance as a dancer for her title ;)
Vania Erika
Erika is also good enough for dancing ;) and erika is kind just like everydancer i know :D

and then there are Fitri Febrianty Bahar and R.Ghasa Marjani that i can't describe them more hehe sorry
Here are some picture of us,
enjoy !!!


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