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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Trees ;D

Today, i gotta tell you about the people, who always making my life happy ;D
Yeah ! My Family :D

Right to left : Uda Rendra, Gue, Ayah, Uni Nely, Uda Nando, Ibu, Teteh, Ayya
First of all, i wanna tell you about my lovely Mom 

My Mom (Hj.Mawarnis) was born in Paninjauan, Kota Solok, West Sumatra, on October 18th 1954
Yeah, now she is going to be 56 years old. I always wishing her have a long life :') amin
I Love Her so much as much as she loves me :) that's why i do not agree if people says that son, loving his parents not as much as his parents do to him. Because i love my parents so much especially my Mom :')

Then, it is about my Pa 

My Father (Drs. H. Hasril Hamid) is the best father i think :') i will always proud of him, although i had some unpleasant experience about him :') My Pa, was born in Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra, on September 6th 1950. He ever told me a history of him, that he was born when his mother(my GrenMa) was doing escape from colonizers. That's a scary history i think :O Oya, My Pa is going to be 60 years old this year :) i hope the same wishes for My Pa as what as i wishing for My Mom

There is a photo of them
Has been taken by Photographer, when my Oldest Brother (Uda Nando) have married

Third, there is my oldest Brother :)                                                                My oldest brota, named Vernando Morena S.T, was born in Jakarta, on September 21st 1978. He is now work for Indonesia government, namely PPPGL(Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Geologi Kelautan). Yeah, he is a sea worker (?) always do reasearch that causes longing for him -_- He is a father of one kid :D

Next, there is my old Brother :) :)

Ya, who'd have known him? Hendy Marendra S.Si :)
He was born in Jakarta, on June 21st 1980.
He is a father of two beautiful kids. Now, he has his own happy life in Depok, West Java, with a lovely beautiful kind wife :) Longlasting Uda ! :D 

Fifth, there is me ! :D Nurul Hasanah

I think i don't have to tell you again about me, you can read rightly here :)

My oldest brother's Family

Uda Nando married to Uni Nely on November 30th 2008 (kalo nggak salah wkwk :p)

And on December 30th 2009, their family added by a beautiful kid named Aisyah Verly Ayu Srikandi.

My old brother's Family 

Uda Rendra married on November 19th 2006
He married to  Leny Legianasari my lovely sister in-law 

Now, they have 2 adorable kids, there are ;
Rayyana Khairunnisa and Raisya Helena Putri


my grandma is among us, between Uni Nely and my Pa 

I Love My Family 

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