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Friday, July 14, 2017

God is Great

Hi, wazzup?
I have been completely a mess these last hours.
its..again about the bitter truth I found

sometimes I wonder why shud I found out the truth
sometimes I wish I just never had a chance to find out
sometimes I wish I cud lie as easy as anyone else can

but when I think about it, I hurt my self.

I ask god
for that

I ask for good.
and He gives me greatness

I ask for anything
and I receive better

then I realize that there is this one reason why I always found out truth
it is none other because god has to save me.
He shows his way to let me just....know.
I do tried my best on (i wish) anything I am into
so when it seems impossible for me to know lies behind me
the wrongdoings that possibly hurts me, god shows me His way

it is His miracle that I find a way to know what's been hiding behind me
it is His way to tell me to just let me know.

so now I know
it is better for me to keep this way, be as honest as I always do
and push it to the best of me on anything
so that God will be able to help me
so that those kind of miracles possible to happen.


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