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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Meet My Beautiful Girls

Its Sunday morning...on 12 of April 2015
I browsed on my own gallery and found some crazy picts of me and these 2 girls.
Was having 2 night and 2 days full with them
Seriously, its funny how we love spending all day long chatting to each other and have a feeling of being cared without ever saying it bc one of us dislike that so much. hahaha
they are my lovely bitj
Vara Maudi Leoni Ariska Hurraaayyyy

No. its Vara Leoni a.k,a Eli and Maudi Ariska a.k.a Odongi
They are none other than full-of-grumble, troublesome beautiful girls, and just...common lovers
Ha Ha

Yes, they have been coloring and breaking my days here in Jatinangor
But I love them anyway
for all the stories they told that full of their big-headed features
for all the laughs they made on me
for all the judges, and dirty words they taught me
for all the hatred we share together
for all time we spend together, nice and painful one
for all the ultimate love we never pretend we have to each other. Ha Ha

Love you, bitjs
Tapi Bohong :)

This is Me, Odong and Eli <3 td="">

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