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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Been a long time, fellas?

well, life gets though
even when i never am asking for it

this college life, and everything in between it
screw me a lot at the first

then making my self a bitter happiness is the only way to keep me survive

what was that?
anyone else's appearance of course.

this is the story

i just lately know some dirty fact towards one of my used-to-be best friend
"Friendship last forever" one said
I used to fully believe in it, for everyone getting closer, i will learn of her/him
to finally choose weather or not i will trust them my own self opened
but thats it
sometimes, not only the change of someone that change the current condition
but actually, lied another cause of the change of something
it is the truly truth that we never seen on someone or we can say that it is us that actually been fooled
not to admit the truth that someone was the way he/she is right now
they have never changed, even a bit.
that is us
whom see on them nothing black.
*well I actually am now talking about disappointments on someone

it is only a matter of time, as simple as that, and....
you could finally find the solution
to give them the second chance
to keep moving with what's just coming to the screen

Admit it
Someone belongs to be at your side for times Allah decided, and you can change nothing.
but dealing with the current condition.

sorry for sharing pointless post
last from me...
"What was that feel, to betray your own best friend, best? Was that making you happy? Was that your way to gain some other attention of your existence? But never mind, even if i never will be the same to you, I promise I will be happy for you"

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