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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Watashi no Japan ga Ichiban Suki desu. (report version)

It is not Japan,yet The Embassy!

Most of the candidates arrived, made the list, gathered in a Group between A,B,C, and D. And fortunately i was in C Group. I was in the same Group with 2 from the total of 6 candidates from Karawang Chapter.
I first met Edo Samual as my first friend in this group, of course not counting Uli and Aufa as they both were my partner from the Chapter. Edo has been nice to me since we first made the convo. I was the first conversation maker upon him that i asked him at the very time I saw him in eX Mall, Tamrin Street.  So that when i know that EdoSam was in the same group as me, i felt so happy. We moved to the park of the Embassy. There, I made friends with all the candidates that belong to my group. They were : Iqbal, EdoNugi, Balqis, Sarah, Caca, Yonatan, Tia, Sita, Ana, Dira, Zulfa, Nana, Devi, Wening, Kiki, Ima, Fidkya, Felicia, and Fifi. And at that time, my suitcase has already sent to the airport to be carried by the plane
After that, I and all the participant went inside the building, in the first door, I saw some papers sticked to the wall telling to the visitors way to get Japan’s Visa. Alhamdulillah i didn’t have to make it alone, bc my Passport  has been filled and given the stamp by JTB ( an institution that is willing to arrange someone/more immigration’s stuff.
There were 23 students in C group with 2 supervisor ; Mrs. Astri Rahayu and Mr. Warsito. Supervisor take control on all group members when we were in a free time or sometime that was not too strict that we would only keep quiet and straight forward the event.
When having a little quality time, mrs Acy said “Halo semuanya, nama saya Astri Rahayu tapi kalian bisa panggil sama Miss Achy. Mulai sekarang kita semua keluarga, kita satu” This is touchy J
All participanta took body’s term test helped by the supervisor. I wondered why i had to do that and found out that it was one of all instruction from JICE, the koordinator and also responsibility taker for this program. And the function was ofcourse for checking were we healty or not at that time. Can we still participating the program or not.
The opening was held. There were 4 speakers giving speech. They were :
1.    The representative from Minister of Culture and Information of Japan Embassy
2.  The Deputy of Minister Kemenpora
3.  Mrs Rika Salmon as the Executive Manager of Bina-Antarbudaya Foundation
4.  The chairman od the team, Mr. Warsito
After the opening, all of the participants got a tea time before left for Soekarno-Hatta Airport. At the exact time of 6 p.m, we left the Embassy to Airport.

The imigration process wasn’t take too much time, i past the first gate, 2nd gate and finally got into the waiting room before entering ‘Belalai” to the plane.  We took JL726, economy class. But for sure it was so much classy, the seat and food served. Japanese Airlines was cool! And for the jackpot, i got window side chair J
I was like “Oh my goodness, i leave my country i’ve been living in for the first time”

Tokyo at The First

My plane scheduled to landed  on Narita Airport at 7 past 5 but it was a bit earlier that i arrived at 06:53. The Immigration last a bit longer than in Indonesia that every foreigner had to took finger prints and photo record. The lines were long enough that me and all had to wait near one hour and a half. Not only because of the process but also because the delegation from Indonesia was about a hundred person with some teachers counted.
But here is the story. Me and all C group members had already have our coat in hand, but we still couldn’t believe how cold to be outside of the plane. And when we near the door......Gaaaaaahhh!!!! it was very very cold! I wear my coat immediately without taking any time to think about, i left my bags under my feet and wear my warm clothes ; coat, shawl, and gloves.
My friend, Sarah, whom handheld was iPhone, check the temperature and it was only 10 degree! I couldnt believe how could it be!
Next, we went outside the building and again, feel the cold against every part of skin!!! Ohya, in Narita, we first met one of the Jice Crew, shes a women that has a paper  and “Kizuna Bond Project” written there. I saw her and feelin like this organization was too care to be compared to every Indonesian event organizer. JICE crew took a really great number for my “first sight score”. They have it already, my Heart.
[Go to the hotels]
When we were in the way Tokyo Bay Washington Hotels,  we saw Tokyo Tower, Disneyland Resort and some other great landscapes by the window of Airport Limousine.
 [Arrived Washington Hotel]
At that time, there were 4 other JICE get into our Limousine. 2 of them were C Group’s Coordinator and the others were D Group’s.
The C group’s coordinator were : Mr. Kuswan Wahju Muryanto (Kuswan-San) and Kiyoe Mabuchi (Mabuchi-San), and lately we found out that Kuswan-San is a Javanese! He lives in Japan for the recent 17 years. What a wowness!
Mabuchi-San, as a real Japanese, talked and it was sound really funny but lovely.
Resume :
First day ofJapan was cool!
I had the first technical meeting before left to Oshima, in The Fashion Town (TFT) Building, Tokyo. Two blocks far from my Hotel.
Then i had my dinner in the same building in a Buffee Restaurant, 1st Floor.
We have to pack 2 days and a night clothes because our Suitcase will be separated from us. They will go to Oshima by the Cargo. After having my suitcase ready, me and all my friends took a meeting in the 1st floor of the hotel. In the front of McD, we sit there and talking much about the show we had to give to both Oshima Elementary School and Kesennuma-Oshima villagers. But unfortunately, 3 of us;  Zulfa, Devi and Nana had already gone to the dreamland. So C group was not so complete.
[January 8, 2013]
The schedule stated that we would only take that day  for the journey to Oshima Island, and i was craving for my first ride using Shinkansen!!!!
But before that, we had our  breakfast and then we go to the Station Business Centre, 3rd Floor to had another meet and greet and socialization about Earthquake that we might have during the journey.
It was mr Nakabayashi from Meiji University as the main speakers here was  info i got from him :
Great Earthquake in North-East Japan

·       Earthquake’s Scalarichter shows the power of the earthquake in the centre of the quake it self detected by the Seismograph. Intensity of earthquake (in Japan : Sindo) is the number that shows the power it self to the land or infrastructure being.
·       Biggest loss happen in the sea lifes. The other one was Agriculture living especially mayonaise. The rehabilitation will take approximately 3 years or can be 5.
·       The total of the victims was not balence between the earthquake added by burned and the tssunami. Tsunami still the biggest event that took off most people . And about the  range of years living, the olds are bigger than the others. Maybe it was too hard for them to get out from the danger.
·       The reason of the point before is because all Japanese had count on what can they do permanently to prevent or minimize the effect of the earthquake that actually will be with them every time. They use somekind of pillow but for the building and the rail.

It is Oshima!

After taking  Shinkansen and bus to Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture, I finally had ferry to reach Oshima.
The Ferry was not as big as The Ferry Indonesian used for going to Sumatera Island from Java. Maybe the distance that is actually not too far make it so. It took only 2o minutes and i steped my foot in Oshima! Alhamdulillah J
A man from Qkamura had already pick us up and waiting in the harbour.
Waw! I finally put my feet on Oshima Island! It was quiet unbelievable and exremely fascinating!
I kept my eyes on and everyone looked happy about being here. Not only the Indonesia’s Delegations but also our coordinator, Kuswan-San and Mabuchi-San (san is greeting expression in Japanese that use to replace mr and mrs).
For 1st thru 3rd night in Oshima, C Gruppu and D gruppu will stay in Qkamura Hotel which is located next to the eastern beach of Oshima.  Right after all the delegation arrived, some keys distributed to the room leader. And yes, i got Uli and Vivi again as roomate. But that time, i had someone else...she was Sarah Humaira.

          SO, here i used to life for 3 nights, 2days and a quarter. Qkamura (read:kyu-ka-mu-ra) is a 3 floored hotel with a little shoping mal inside the hotel and a beautiful park in the middle of it.
        In the morning, when i had my breakfast....i saw snow falling down from the sky! WOWNESS! I COULDN’T HELP MY SELF TO BREATH! IT WAS REAL! SNOW FALLING FOR WELCOMING THE DELEGATIONS! AAAAA WATASHI NO OSHIMA GA ICHIBAN SUKI DESU!
        Next, we had to go to the development centre in Oshima, had some talks and then we left the bulding back to Qkamura. 2nd night. Me and all c gruppu members had tasks to do so that we hold a gathering in the meeting room in Qkamura. All of us has to perform something in the front of Oshima Elementary School’s 4th graders. And then we decided to perform a dance from Papua with some of us as the choir. We choosed Yamko Rambe Yamko. Besides, we prepared souvenirs for them too.
        So, finally the day come, but........before us, they perform first. The sang a song for us, which title is Bokuno Hikouki. It was touchy and i started sobbing.... all of c gruppu members touched by the sound of the choir. Perform done, they like the dance and the song.They are nice and great! We take photos and then gave them the souvenirs. Appreciations were coming, one, two, three, one billion and now uncountable appreciations had actually be with C gruppu from all 4 graders there J
        Next, we had to make Bindama the glass float. Bindama is the glasses ball bounded with some ropes to be the holder of sailing jail to keep it in the  surface of the sea. The man thought me crafting bindama was an old man. He was so kind that he keep on finishing all of the other 12 bindama first made by us. I take some picture with him fortunately :D
        3rd night. Soooo this day was the last day of me to stay in Qkamura.  All of us packed our things again in the suitcase then we had to go to sleep J oh ya! No, im not immediately sleep that night bc i had something to do. The Action Plan! Thats what me and my group had to do for kesennuma-oshima especially after the disaster. But c group divided into 3 subgroup where i go to the 2nd group and make some ideas with the others ; Ana, Iqbal, Devi, Nana, Aufa, Sita and Mika.
Morning! All of us had to go to Kesennuma city today, so we go to the harbour again and went off the island to Kesennuma. We had some talks with the guide and then went to Hachiyo Suisan Corp had some talks then out the building we go again to had some talks by the young enterpreneur there. When we back to Oshima, we were no longer picked up by the Qkamura’s commuter car.
Ishida Guest House

        Guest House! Finally we arrived at Ishida Guest House. In ishida guest house we had the same total room as we had in Qkamura but we were no longer in the same building with the boys. They stay in Uonami Guest House. We still had Futon, Yukata, and Air heater also air conditioner heheheJ
        Days afterward :
·       Went to Kameyama Mountain
·       Workshop
The Specialtist in Ishida is that every night they serve Sashimi. That was fish fillet washed and no fried nor boiled. Only fresh fish to be eaten. Thats a new experience for me.
The Last day was the January 14th and Ootosan (Dad) had his birthday! So that me made some special little surprise for him J<3 and="" o:p="" ookasan="" ootosan="">

Saying Good Bye was The Hardest Thing

          This is it. The goodbyes always be the hardest. None of us can keep our tears not to fall. They were all falling without any permission. It was really touchy and my eyes were both like “i cant stop the waterfall”.
All the people in Oshima Island was great! I do love them all J
It is Tokyo Before Jakarta!

Then, we go to Tokyo again.
That night, c gruppu had last dinner in a private room resto which view on the windows are the quiet beautiful Tokyo. I do love Tokyo.
We had the last show in tokyo. We presentated once again about our action plan
This is what we and my group planning to do :
·        Make a short film about oshima
·        Give them feedback and support; we make some origamis and distributed to them (done)

All of c group take the commuter line to aqua city where we can take pictures and shopping.
All of us bought so many KitKat and then took pictures in the front of the beautiful rainbow bridge and liberty statue.
But, we had to finally separated to Mabuchi-San
Mabuchi L wish we can meet again someday! J
What I Found Out in Japan
·        People
o   They are all friendly
o   Care
o   Clean
o   Focused not only to the ‘big thing’ but also the details
o   Punctual
o   Disipline
o   Sensitive
o   They wont forget what have you done to them, they will give you all of them even you’re only telling them u like them and smile to them
o   Appreciate everyone right
·        Places
o   Everything was well-managed
o   Every place had been visited was clean
o   The disaster areas is no longer isolated as they had proven the world that their effor to reconstruct the areas was not only a lie. They made  it, not even reach the 2nd year for cleaning every used to be isolated areas.
·        Food
o   Sashimi taste like Jelly
o   Mochi can be served to god
o   The real Kocha-tea was sour
o   I love Odan

What I Pledge My Self To Be After Kizuna

          Well, Kizuna(Bond)Project has finally make me feel like im reborned into someone else. I saw and learnt a lot from this program. Maybe some will think that what was that 10 days program give to me is nothing, thats only 10 days, they said. But, none knows how can i be after this. i learn how to appreciate everything as much as needed.
1.    I pledge to keep clean all mine.
2.  I pledge to take care of my own environment and social life.
3.  I pledge to share all my experience to them who need.
4.  I pledge my self to be more punctual.
5.  I pledge my self to appreciate everyone and everything i have.
6.  I pledge to start focused on every details that support the main goal.
7.  I pledge to keep my self concern about what is going on in someone else whose life including me.
8.  I pledge my self to someday comeback to Oshima and saw everyone inspired me that way.
9.  Last but not least, i pledge i will love my country unconditionally.
Thats all About Japan and Kesennuma-Oshima.
Thank You for reading, God Bless J

        Nurul Hasanah