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Sunday, December 23, 2012

If only I can make u real

When there's no light anymore for me...
When there's no more air I can take to keep myself alive..
Seems like I'm having nightmares all day long
And it seems like nobody even know

Then at a really last moment,
The last minute of mine
You came. Change everything like there's even nothing ever broke.
As a saviour
As a friend
As a great great tutor
And of course, as a risk taker on my love

I do really love you.
For everything you have done to me
For even single characters you've sent to me
I do feel comfortable
You're like my home now
That I can't feel it again the emptiness
The loneliness
The fear of falling all over again

And u know that there's something I can't make on us
That's what makes this seems really unreal.
But yes, I have to tell you that this feeling is real...

Tq, u.
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