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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Smart Phones and Their Drawbacks

I'm a blackberry user and I'm proud that I still alive today. What makes me brave to say that? And why I'm proud being alive instead of using smart phone? This is because the fact have been proved that smart phone can also be dangerous if they are used not in a smart way.

      Nowadays smart phone can be the reason of someone's dead. Have you ever read some news that showed up person who's got an accident because of using it while driving? Smart phone, as smart as a women now that they attract more attention than 'world' does. Smart phone, now became more than just friend to some people. I felt their attractions too while doing my homework because I can't drive yet, and suddenly red led showed in front of my eyes. I couldn't do anything but catch my phone and play with it as it promised that I can do anything with it. Finally my homework got mad and they became that boring to me. And the one who takes the blame will always be the user.

      Smart phone can make the user forget the time as he/she has planned. I mean, when playing or keeping in touch with smart phone usually the user forget all work they have to do at that time. For example, when I wake up, I usually plan to pray subuh, take a shower, and finally go to school. Again and again, enjep(the name for my phone, stands from the word 'javelin') catch me earlier than my bathroom does. I play with enjep for MORE THAN 20minutes. As the credit, I'm taking a late shower, and late to go to school. That's all because of I'm forget all the plans I've made before playing with my phone. And lately I realized that I never plan to play with my phone. All the credits I need to take mostly because I can't control my self when to play with enjep and when to forget enjep. Enjep makes me forget the time with only playing with it.

      The last can be caused if we are not smart enough where to use it(smart phone). You have to be separated to your smart phone if it is time for you to sleep. Why? Because research have shown that only with put it near you, in this case your head, it can turned your brain down by its non-stop radio active. Its radio active can also turned your cancer cell active. Isn't that a huge drawback? Yes, of course. The radio active can also make some communication on the plane getting worse, the sukhoi tragedy in Bogor, East Java happened because of one of the passenger's Gadget that later known still active and make the communication between the pilot to the station couldn't work. The pilot didn't know that sukhoi flied not enough high that sukhoi came hit the mountain. The last story about smart phone's radio active is about the gas station near my home. At the end of 2011, the gas station exploded. He story began when a costumer received a call when he was in that gas station. The police noticed that the radio active was too big and caused that exploded. Unfortunately, someone dead because of the accident.

      Smart phone also has its drawbacks when they are used not in the right way. Just like another human made, smart phone makes us can't stop using it, that we can lose our 'world' I mean our real life, our time, and also our life.
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