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Friday, March 16, 2012

to imagine to be unreal

never mind about the title. its been very remarkable for me
just like your parent say that imagine can be something good
but there are lotta things can be worse without thinking something real and logical

the pattern i've been always wanting in my life

1. have a boyfriend
2. more much love
3. healthy relationship
4. happy and happy
5. getting more and more loved
6. engaged
7. get married
8. having children
9. became a happy family
10. getting old together

but something just went wrong

its in the 4th place

i had no idea how can i make it...
without pain
without heart broken
without tears
and there are only smile
feeling loved
and happy

now i just can hoping
and hoping
and hoping
and wishing
that i can pass each number successfully

because i just realized that...
nothing wrong about being unreal at the first
just to pointed the destination(s)
then here i come (with you, absolutely) in the real one
do everything we can
to be in my imagination
to reach (our) wonderland that used to be unreal

we, belong to you, and i.

bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim :)