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Monday, February 6, 2012


it stands from Fabulous and Outstanding x.1 of SMANTAS.
lemme tell a little bit about...them
we firts met on July 21st 2011
in a room now called X.10

at the beginning of our journey, we belong to 11 members.
as time passed, one of us taught that she was better to be not here, not in this programme.
so we came as 10 -_-
until one day, a boy named Jihan came.....
but it wasnt long, he moved back to X.7 on the day after he just came -__________-

nowwww..... foxis' member grew up to 14
lets check we up on our official twitter @fox1s
the avatar showed me right at the back of 'fabulous' word :3
*psssstttt it made by @zaputrich :3:3:3

okss gonna introduce them one by one

1. Anisa Ratnasari (ChaGil)
one good thing about her, once you talk to her youll feel no pain :))
and for the worst..she is crazy LOL :D jst kidding!

2. Annisa Athadi Gayo (ChaGay)
She was my Junior High School classmate for 2 years and now, she'll be my classmate for 2 years a head :p really good in foreign languages and she is kinddddd!!!!

3. Annisa Ramadhanti (Sogindang)
her nickname came from her self, she ever told us about Sogindang -_- and make the avatar of sogindang. then we called her as the maker "sogindang". o y!!! annis is a good to know :))

4. Arjuna Fiqrillah (Juna)
as his name image him lah yaa orangnya :p he is dilligent and easy going person. but beware, he is very stingy :p

5. Fyani Ramadanthy (fany, jelly, tofu)
she is the cute one! hahahah :D if you dont know her deep inside, youll find youre self in a very confuse condition because she's confusing hahaha :p her laugh, her smile, her eyes, everything about her always make me want to laugh over and over again :p

6. Naufaldy Obianka Putra (obi)
his name actually means "Outbound Indonesia Anak Kami" but....anis make his name become "obibuanka" :p which means "Outbound Indonesia BUKAN Anak Kami :p he is also dilligent but really really selfish

7. Nisaa Nur Hasanah (waras)
she has an ambition to be the president of Indonesia. lets pray for her....amin :D she is the smallest one :p but actually, she is the most sporty and active girl in my class :D

8. Nomi Irene Putri Simamora (nomi)
shes the singer! she can never stop singing and the most sticky thing about her is that she almost memorize all indonesian ads from tv -_-

9. Me

10. Paskalia Utari Putri (uut)
dont underestimate her name! she is the most shy i think -_- great in drawing and making stories -_- also japanese language. she is surely in the side im suck to be -_-

11. Puspita Lysti Vania (lysti)
she adores someone in IPS 2 :p and now she has fully transformed from who she used to be -_-

12. Rafida Multazima (vivi)
tukang pulsa. hahaha always as easy going as before and cheerful!!!!!

13. Vina Selistiawati (vina)
embarrassed by her own name -_- but i think its not bad as she thought. i love her laugh and we always laugh if we stick together. everything walks in front of us, surprisingly became a joke for us -_-

14. Zahwa Putri Permatasari (wawa)
Messed up :p

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