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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

almost 2 years..

thanks 4 all the things
thanks 4 ur patience
thanks 4 ur support
thanks 4 ur love
thanks 4 ur heart
thanks 4 bring me 2 ur old sister's 17th birthday party
thanks 4 a year from 280211
thanks 4 makin me happy
thanks 4 surprisingly come to me
thanks 4 giving me a moment i will never have without you
thanks 4 renting me ur biology book
thanks 4 mentally push me up all the time i fell
thanks 4 2011
thanks 4 everything
thanks 4 the moments weve been through....together

now we are close to the second Anniversary.
lets bang the drum and let the world welcoming and offering us new atmosphere
Face it together
We can do this!
You always believe in me
You always believe in us
So do I :)

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