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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Days of W3LCOMING "me" (Conversation Version)

If i could hold the world perfectly in my hands i would change the world for me..

The 3 Days of Beginning, Whats happened?
Really Hell

What do you mean?
Its perfectly random actually

Meet other guys?
yap, absolutely. its the one of beautiful parts of those 3 days

So, whats going on?
The worse parts were dominant

What are they?
TDP, all of them must be sooooooooo confusing, im done adoring them
yaaa emang sih gue pas SMP itu adalah salah satu GDS (gerakan disiplin Siswa)
tapi..........di sini lebih--lebih--lebih ketat peraturan dan...........gebrakannya ._. atut kk ._.
The time spent..its almost half day for each day being there, being in the programme
The foolish without my celly-P -_-
The boredom without magazine
and....The trouble without Embul (re:my motorbike)

Ok, I understand your position. tell me the great things!
Well, this school have a lot of cool organization, beside.....
the people around me were so warm and lovable <3
and then, i had so much fun with X.3 kak Sausan and kak Sai ^^

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