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Sunday, June 19, 2011

SMPN 1 Bekasi'55

im not suppose to tell anything
but, yes..
imma part of SMPN 1 Bekasi year 55
im proud being a part of this school
its cool

the bad things of us is that we have to go our separate ways
all of that things, that will probably last forever..
that things
about first day of school here
met my Nivia, Fifi, Kartika, Andin
and now, its not just about my meeting with that people above
but, more universe
my school mate
my daily activities as a std here
being a lil lady for mrs. maryati, mr. kamidjan, mr. saepudin, mrs. wati, and....others
being a part of 7.o2 class...8.o2 class...and 9.o2 class
the best part is....i met my beloved boy here
what a life
what a life
i need to go my own destiny
now, i goes to SMAN 1 Tambun Selatan
i will miss my life as a SMPN 1 Bekasi's warior

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