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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Senior High? huh?

Hi am..
a bit bad temper here
i am..
i am afraid of being alone in my senior high

no..not about friends
their fine
im fine, i have my nivia, kartika, eti, mentari, rana, zahwa, yundi, and others here
in SMAN 1 Tambun Selatan
oya, i also hv my cousins here,Jo (the same year with me) and Naufal (Jo's bigbro)

but..this loneliness
is because of
kevin :(
still hard to accept that we are no longer in the same school
im not sure weather he will stay the same or not.

Senior High, please be nice
This is my way
And you take yours
i can't change anything, we have to go through

Senior High
I cant wait to face you :)
My new School
with my Original 'jersey' hahaha

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