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Monday, June 27, 2011



A Brother should take care of their sister
Saudara kandung adalah ikatan yang kuat
Saudara kandung terlahir dari satu rahim
Saudara kandung tidak seharusnya menjatuhjan satu sama lain
Boy(s) as Prince
Girl(s) as Princess
It would be very special if they still keep in touch each other
Still support each other
Help another
It would be very Sweet as sweet as sugar if they have love to another
Brother(s) keep their sister(s) safe
and Sister(s) take care of their brother(s)

Dont you fail in loving your siblings
Dont you ever give up to take care of them
Love your siblings as you love your self
Because your siblings are your blood
They have you in their blood in their body in their heart
You have them in your blood in your body in your heart


Parents are the most special in our life
Parents, who pay your life in word
Parent is the only and limited in your world
Can you feel your body rite now? its just because of your parents
Youre alive and thats just because of your parents
They pay your school
They give you food
They take care and loving you always
They just LOVE you too much
and it will never end


Moms are your life
They have you in their belly
They feed you by their own milk
Dont you ever make them sad
Love her
more than you love your self
because she loves you more than she loves her self


Dad? yes they are your hero
You will still their little girl what ever your age
You can never be a smart person without them
He will still the most important guy for you forever
Dont you hurt him
Follow his word immediately
He will love you no end
You play the game with him, everything.
Laugh together, dance, have a great night...and the Others
Dont make him feel pain
Dont  ever make him dissapoint
Make him proud of you :)

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