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Saturday, May 7, 2011


ini gue udah UN nih alhamdulillah o:)
that was a cool national exams...but at least i got my optimistic
no wonder!!! :D

ohya, Insya Allah i will kill this boring 'holiday' by doing something useful like daily jogging or just B-cycling ;)
wanna join me? PING aja bbm gue
mau tau pinnya? DM ke @nurulhsna yaa

once more.. i need your support and pray guys for me
i will have 2 test in SMAN 1 Bekasi and SMAN 1 Tambun Selatan if i cant pass the Outstanding Students way in SMANSASI
pray for me yaa :( for this one, im really, madly, completely, trully pesimistic :(
But im sure God (i mean Allah) will always bless me o:) amin

the result of national exam will be issued on June 4th 2011

next, about 2-3 May 2011 i have an unforgetable trip to Ciater, Bandung with my Lovely schoolmate SMPN 1 Bekasi year'55
i will tell you how beautiful that 2-day trip was :3:3:3
after have some pict from kevin yaa hehehe i didnt bring camera when i was there hiks -_-

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