Monday, March 7, 2011

Im out of updates

Hi guys :)
whats up?
im aaa.....getting so hard nih for say bye for months
its just because of i need to focus to UN that must be faced by me on April 25 :)
there's no longer time for me to update-ing this blog ya ;)
sorry for making you dissapoint :)
you can just say hi to me by mentioning @nurulhsna on twitter
i cant say anything else but sorry :)
and thank you for being my readers for these long time :)
i'll be back right when im in my new school :)
amiiin :) insya allah SMAN 1 Bekasi yaa :)
minta doa kalian semua ya agar UN dan tes sma-nya lancar :)
masuk SMANSA yang penting :) bikin ibu bangga dulu hehehe :) ayah juga :)
dan.....doain ya semuanya supaya kabar baik yang bakalan ke update di blog ini :)
i Love you for sure my readers :)
its very hard but it is a must! so, with the deepest breath, Good Bye for months :'((

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