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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Will Miss You! (How You Guys Mean for Me)

its not a big problem for me :( but it just such a BIG SERIOUS PROBLEM :(:(:(
tinggal nunggu waktu, nggak lama lagi kok, semuanya bakalan jauh :( Overdosis tercinta :(
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I JUST WANNA SAY, I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS!

  • ill miss how we talk together about our problem
  • ill miss how expensive to be the center of meeting and appreciated by others

  • ill miss EVERYTHING we'he done together
  • ill miss how cool all of you standing in the front of our juniors 
  • ill miss how warm every meeting we take :'(
  • ill miss the view of our excited face in Desa Wisata TMII first time we've got the chemistry
  • ill miss how Linda and Fitri ask all of us about "kas" "please pay yours guys" :(

  • ill miss how Dea take the talks and being the mediator. (youre rock us deaa)
  • ill miss the time when we have problem
  • ill miss how silly and naughty Fajar was

  • ill miss when Kevin lead our meeting wisely :') (adoreyoumyboy)
and The Picture above has been changing since Over(D)Osis spoken by Me :')
it causes the picture below *********************************

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