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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

KVN 15th's Birthday

*\(^o^)/* On the christmast day, me and my boyF, Kevin Arisudana Soetikno,
were together to celebrating his birthday

*\(^o^)/* On the December 25th me and him had our own plan,
to hang out and having fun!!!

*\(^o^)/* On the 25 of December, me and him took some pictures together hihihi

*\(^o^)/* We first went to Mr.Ice Cream and he treated me so well *inlovealert


*\(^o^)/* Then we went to kvn's to entrust his birthday cake

*\(^o^)/* After that, we went to MM, i accompanied him to buy the PWG's vcd and then.....
we took some picture

Here is the pictures....

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ayesha brenda said...

kak Nurul sama kak Kepin mesra bangeeeet seh -__-" hehehe :D

nurulhsna said...

hahaha doesn't mean for all deh bener :p