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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come Home....

OKkkkkkkkkey Hello guys :)

Just wanna share what kind of holiday that i had last holiday :) sooooo enjoy !! :)

I started the trip on September 7th 2010
about 16:25

i had a sahur on the road after reached Sumatera Island :) yep, my home for sure in Sumatera Barat :)
Sepanjang perjalanan gue kebanyakan tidur daripada ngelakuin something berguna hh :p
And alsoooo taking pictures of course :D
Check it out --> --> --> -->         

At Ferry Ship
left to right : I, Yuliana (my Niece from cousin), Uni Ilin (My Cousin, not Yuli's mom)

Was lookin' for a very handsome dead guy

Please, i'm too lazy to write the events one by one.
just share the pict ya, eh eh srry ;)

September 12th 2010
left to right : Mas Valdy, Rafi (both of them are my cousins), and I

September 13th 2010
In Jenjang Seribu, Sulik Aie (In One Thousand Stairs, Sulik Aie)
in the pict below, there are mas Valdy, Rafi, and my Dad

September 14th
in Terminal Solok, took my Cousins and his Dad (my Uncle) to the bus stop
The People :
mas Valdy, Rafi, Om Sal(the oldest man who hug ezy in the pict), Ezy(the blue one), Gilang (the sweetest one who wears jacket), Yudha (Gilang's older brother always beside of him)

September 15th 2010
Ke makan Grandpa :')

the end -_-

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