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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello September !!!

yuup, hi bloggers ;)
nice to see you 'gain

owkay, let me figure you something about SEPTEMBER !!!!

September means so much for me,bcause on this month there are:
1. my Father's birthday
2. my oldest Brother's birthday (Uda Nando :* )
3. my oldest Nephew's birthday (Rayyana Khairunnisa :* )
4. my friends birthday (Ika (7th) Dewi (27th) Ari (9th) Bayu (3rd) Wulan (15th)
5. 7th months Annive, coincides with my birthday  *\(^o^)/*

Hello September, i want you to be my greatest month in this year that i will never forget for along time, maybe forever (~*.*)~ ~(*o*)~ ~(*.*~)

I have my own wishes for this september :)

First of all, I wish Allah bless me in every steps i take
I wish i can be the better 'nurul' for everyone
I wish i can be the sweetest one for my family :')
I wish i can make my family and my dearest proud of me :')
I wish i can do anything by myself
I wish i ain't disturb and make people around me feel trouble
I wish i have a long life
I wish i can make everyone happy to see and talk to me
I wish there aren't people hate me
I wish my K don't ever let me go
I wish i will stay forever with my K
I wish i will never face my mom sad
I wish i will never hurt my parents
I wish i can be the best girl that my parents have
I wish i can take my sisters kindness (i have 2 sista, both of them already waiting for me in heaven) :')
I wish i can copy my mother's patience
I wish my dearest, my family have their happy and long life :)
I wish my bestie have a happy and long life
I wish i can reach my goal, be a ..... and be the better moslem :')
I wish i will never leave my veil that covering my head 
I wish there is no more problem that make me stress
I wish i can come in Senior High that i want :)
Amen :)

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