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Monday, July 5, 2010

I Pledge

C'mon all, did you know 'bout the video of Pledge? It has been made by American people.
It has built a new spirit for me, to make a pledge, to my self...

I'd like you to know
that you need to change.
It is just because,
you have
to be more better,
than old you,
than yesterday.

To make the new you, i think you have to promised to your self.
But i prefer to pledged my self, i don't know why i prefer it to promised.
I think that 'pledge' is more than just a 'promise'

And i, Nurul Hasanah,
I pledge,
I pledge to commit to my own change
I pledge 
to educated
to not give up
to more diligent
to be more green
to believe in god
I pledge
I pledge so i became a useful
I pledge
to not lie to my self
to proud
to entertained
to respect life
till the end of time.

So? What's your pledge?
What's your pledge?
I know you got a pledge

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