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Monday, December 28, 2009

Looklet ;)

let me bring you to the other world #lebay aha aha
the world that full of clothesss dress and accesorieeess <3
i like it i like it i like it i like it I LIKE IT SOO FUCKING MUCH <3<3<3

first, you must sign up by clicking this. its fuckin easyy ;)
you have to fill the blank column. after that, you can confirmed the account by looking on your inbox e-mail and then you click the link.

second, you can log in as your self don't forget to upload your best picture to be your account picturee ;D

Last >> you can mixing mixing and mixing everything there :DD
save your created mix and match and let other people loving it ;)

hahaha kalo ada yang salah englishnya benerin yaa
oya tambahan disini kalian bisa aja temenan sama siapapun dengan cara follow me-mollow satu sama lain. kalo kalian udah follow2an berarti kalian itu temenan. tapi kalo cuma satu pihak yang follow berarti enggak ehe ehe
oya kalo udah buat please visit to my page and loving mee <3
im sure i will loving you back ;)

follow me and i'll follow you back take it easyy :DD

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