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Thursday, May 19, 2016

They Just Judge, and I Ain't Die Because of Judges Tho.

Back then I was nobody,
that none will seriously put attention to

Old days, reminded me of how careless
and stupid I was

But then again I somehow realize that
none of us would truly lives out of sight
of anyone

And so that I admitted just now
If I am to choose to be careless and stupid
now or later

What I need to make sure is the motives
behind all that and not what other will say about me

Because I am who I chose my self to be
I am that careless me
T am that stupid me
No matter how I looked in their eyes
No matter what they say about me

They wont have my permission to break my own
choice to be me in the the past, in the present, or even in the future
They just judge,
and I ain't die because of jugdes tho.

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