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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jangan Pernah Bilang "Aku Bete"

This is the reason why i nearly never say "bete"
esp to the one i love
whenever i get to say this word..theres 2 reason left
1. i really mean it
2. i never mean it. i just get anger too much.

that you must be very afraid if i mean the word as it.

BETE. from B&T
means Bored and Tired
not only bored to the person you say it to
perhaps you get tired too

thats why, i get upset easily
get down immediately
when i heard that word from.....u

biasanya, suka mikir 2 kali dan takut kalo abis ngucapin kata itu

omongan adalah doa.

iya, gue itu orgnya sensitiff hiyyyy. kalo ada org yang bete sm gue, mungkin mereka cuma maksud kesel
kesel tinggal bilang kesel
kalo bilangnya bete....
walaupun mereka gak maksud bete as bored and tired..
tp balik lagi....

omongan adalah doa.

semoga doamu tiap kali km bilang gitu sama aku gapernah terkabul. Amin.