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Thursday, October 18, 2012

It is no longer like before

Im nurul hasanah and im no longer with kvn.
Yap. This stories. Officially ended.
by the end of September.
4 days before my 16th
and 2 years 6 months and 26 days after that Lovely day.

Sad? of course
Mad? yes
Disappointed? sure

so, what's now?

Keeping in touch will only bring me that memories back
no contacting. no texting.
even if, yes. im feeling empty and hard to get thru this
escaping what have been my daily activities
to text, support, missing and loving you
but now...all i have to do is forgetting
and letting go
i hope you're happy out there.

so im going to be silent and calm
Allah has something big to give to me

thank you for coloring my day
now what i have to do is to pray to Allah to give me patterned papers
even rainbow papers
that i dont have to see it in white and black anymore.

oh i miss

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