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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Its not that funny to read, but just read it, OK?

HUUUUFFF, i dunno why, but i feel a bit scary now
That's not kinda story to be published, but i've count already it wouldnt bring anything suck

Let's we start talking about it.....
There are so much kind of person in my life story
and as long as i survive, they always bring me to the real me
but they are such different girls, that i interested to describe

first is A
who is very abnormal
she's weird the way she is
yeeesss, i mean she is very very weird, her thinking and her activity would never be accepted by our mind
i always want to throw up every time i see her with her devil side
she's two faced
one, she will talk to you that she loves you
that she needs you
that she will always be yours forever
the fact, i mean the second face
she will kick you out off her heart
she loves another
she left you aside
Enough for making me so upset by ur badtraits The A Girl

and then we talk about B
B will always be there for you
B will make you laugh at anything you never think
B is a welcome person
B is beautiful
B is a prncss charming
B is cool
B? A Warm Person you will in love with
but B is Broken
B is Bad Hearted
B is BackStabber
B isnt as Beautiful as B's look
B is Bullshits
I Hate B
I Hate B
I Hate B
but I Love B more than I Love A

OK. Then its ENOUGH

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